How it works

To join FitCHIS, click to book a package of sessions, and you will first be asked to set up your profile and details. Your members’ log in takes you to your own fitness dashboard.

You can choose your own trainer, or try different trainers – just browse the trainers, check their calendars for availability and book a session time: the system will show you which trainers are available. 

We have 8 qualified personal trainers specialising in general fitness and some special needs.

At the beginning of your first session, the trainer will discuss your training needs and targets. Are you more interested in building muscle strength, or getting fit? Is your aim weight loss, or increased flexibility?

Your trainer will set up your training aims on your dashboard, and update your milestones after each training session.

You can reach your trainer at any time by chat through your dashboard: although if he or she is training at the time, she may take an hour or so to get back to you.

You can cancel or change your session times, link to frequently asked questions, and use our customer care chat line.