Our Company

Our Company

FitCHIS was the brain child of 19-year-old Jethro Tieman, a British expatriate who spent time in Kenya as a child. The business concept was incubated by African Laughter, a long-established media, PR and research company run by a former FT journalist in Nairobi, Kenya.

What we loved about FitCHIS was the win-win, drawing on Kenya’s best in athleticism and fitness, in a project that created jobs in Kenya, and delivered affordable and professional home personal fitness training.

Our aim is to be outstanding, in our Kenyan business, and in our customer service.

You can chat with us at any time: chatline.

But here are some of the things we are really proud of:

- You pay less, but our trainers earn twice as much as they were when they were training in Kenyan gyms, organisations and hotels: FitCHIS pays the best salaries, covers health insurance, pension contributions, meals, and transport to and from work, to make sure our trainers are enjoying life too.

- We don’t get snarky when you cancel sessions, because we know schedules change. If you miss a session, the first three times you miss, we simply offer you a ‘makeup’ time to do it another time.

- And this is the small extra ahead: every one of your sessions will help to fund us in giving our training for free into Kenyan public schools. Those schools cannot afford their own trainers, but the potential is huge. So we are setting aside funds to provide our local schools with Internet-connected screens and webcams, and provide our training sessions to them for free.

Because we know, true fitness is about physical health, and about making the world a better place.